CCIO Leaders Network Launch

On Thursday 8th March EHI is launching the Chief Clinical Information Officer (CCIO) Leaders Network at the Royal College of Physicians.  The joint event should have about 150 attendees, we’ve got two CCIOs speaking and an expert panel discussion and the keynote speaker for the launch event is Secretary of State for Health Andrew Lansley.

The Network picks up from the CCIO Campaign we ran the second half of 2010, calling for the development of local clinical information leaders, and is designed to provide the resources and support that will help make this happen.

The CCIO Leaders Network has been established to promote and develop current and future clinical information leaders across the NHS. The network is being developed in partnership with the Royal College of Physicians and the British Computer Society and made possible due to the support of foundation sponsors BT, Cerner and iSoft.

In 2012 the CCIO Leaders Network will deliver an extensive programme of partner events, culminating in the first annual CCIO Forum held at EHI Live 2012. This will be backed by the CCIO Leaders Network website, providing online resources, interviews, case studies and community features.

The website for the Network goes live next week, final loading under way as I type.

The CCIO Campaign and Leaders Network is a big move for EHI.  If you want to find out more or explore how you can get involved email me jon @ 



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