Lorenzo counting – err, not quite so easy after all

Ok contrary to my post yesterday that counting ten Lorenzo’s is easy, I was swiftly proved wrong –  it’s not.

For a start I missed NHS Stockport of the original list, sorry about that NHS Stockport.  I also said that Hereford was using Lorenzo for a small number of phlebotomists.  At least one EHI reader says this isn’t so and that the phlebotomists at Hereford actually use EMISWeb. So maybe its installed but not in use?  Does this still count?

The other complicating factor is which sites have actually signed off Lorenzo.  EHI’s previously reported that no NHS trust had fully signed off on a Lorenzo deployment.  But the DH had previously stipulated that four early adopters had to sign off for CSC to get a new deal, this requirement seems to have been eased or dissapeared.

So the revised, still slightly tentative list of Lorenzo sites counted by CSC – which I think is right but do correct me if wrong – is:

  • Stockport
  • South Birmingham
  • Morecambe Bay x2 (1.0 and 1.9)
  • Bradford Teaching Hospitals
  • Birmingham Women’s
  • Bury
  • Hereford (maybe, maybe not in use with phlebotomists)
  • Five Boroughs

Which brings the grand total up to eight. See, its not easy after all and anyone who tells you otherwise is talking nonsense.



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