NHS Geekfest hits Oxford this weekend – EHI will be there

It’s show time, with the latest NHS Hackday this weekend in Oxford this weekend,with docs, developers and geeks, united by a love of code and the NHS getting their open source geek on.


Best of luck to everyone involved in what has gone from an idea to a phenomona in barely a year.  Leading lights like Dr Carl Reynolds and Ross Jones have helped galvinise a development community around the basic concept that you don’t have to accept the status quo and there is a better way.


NHS Hackday, along with fellow travellers Digital Docs, OpenSource GP Systems of Choice and HANDI Health, have rapidly become some of the most interesting grass-roots developments in NHS IT at the moment, with a significant potential to radically disrupt in interesting ways.

Compare this energy and momentum with the slow development of the Department of Health’s Maps and Apps, the apps showcase initiative to that started a year ago.  Though an embryonic health app store has just been launched in Alpha.

EHI’s Lis Evenstad will be there covering the event on Sunday, she’ll be tweeting and writing up the Hackday for EHI.  Please be sure to say Hi to Lis @ehireporter



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